Managed Continuity

We know that businesses these days rely on mission-critical IT systems – failure can spell disaster. Our Managed Continuity package is all about business continuity – ensuring that your customers can rely on the continuous availability of critical business functions in the event of a major problem/server/network outage.

A Managed Continuity service does away with the stress of repercussions by ensuring your customers have continuous, secure and flexible access to data. It’s split into 3 tiers and is put together to provide you with the opportunity to easily sell the service, starting off with the entry-level Monitoring offering, progressing to Recovery management and then on to a fully managed Continuity package incorporating protection, recovery and risk analysis.

Are you prepared for the following?

  • Damage from fire, flood or theft
  •  Losing data
  •  Back-up not working
  •  Downtime from IT issues
  •  Virus attacks
  •  Major server problems
  •  No email access

We keep you and your IT systems protected…

How does it work?

  • Take a step at a time or go for a full, integrated solution consisting of monitoring, recovery and risk analysis
  • Quick, simple set up which can be done remotely or at your premises
  • Free trials and demos available
  • Easy to use and no experience required
  • Affordable – just a small, monthly fee per workstation
  • Developed to meet the requirements of small and medium-sized businesses